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Omaha Archdiocese Releases List of 38 Clergy Accused of Sex Abuse

On Friday, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese released a list of 38 priests and other clergy members accused of sex abuse. The state’s top prosecutor made a request that prompted the move.
24 of the priests were under the control of the archdiocese when the allegations of sexual misconduct arose. Since then, all of the men have either died, or the archdiocese has removed them from serving. At least two men served sentences for molesting children.

Archbishop Apologizes to Families

The archdiocese also submitted reports on 10 other visiting priests and four deacons. Omaha Archbishop George Lucas said that he was “deeply saddened” over the news that priests had committed sex abuse and apologized to the victims and their families. He asserted that no one has accused currently serving members in the archdiocese’s ministry of sexual abuse allegations. 132 priests and 215 deacons presently serve in the archdiocese. Lucas acknowledged a “pattern of failure” by church leaders and promised future transparency.

The allegations date back to 1956. However, no cases were reported prior to 1978. The archdiocese said that 34 of the 38 names submitted had offended before 2002. In that year, the U.S. Conference of Bishops initiated a charter that requires U.S. dioceses to protect children from abuse.

The public can view the list of accused clergy at The list includes John Fiala, who in 1996 left the Archdiocese. The church ordained Fiala in 1984. Fiala molested a teenage boy and then attempted to hire a hit man to kill the victim. In 2011, the archdiocese paid a settlement to the victim. The archdiocese did not disclose the amount of the settlement.

The archdiocese said it will update the list if it receives additional substantiated allegations. In addition, it will conduct a forensic audit of its historic clergy files.

3D Printed Reefs Fabricated by an Omaha Company are Environmentally Friendly

Omaha, Nebraska – An Omaha Company is restructuring the 3D printing industry and aims to save the environment while doing so.

The company has access worldwide and beyond, from the ocean floor to outer space.

The business is located in a building off 72nd and Pacific streets, Omaha.  The working lot features a white room that’s mostly quiet, except for the subtle noise of printers.  Karen Linder and Jim Linder initiated Tethon 3 D four years ago. They had one of their first projects underwater.

According to president and CEO of Tethon, Karen Linder the reef system has been destroyed year after year. That’s where the oysters live in.

Marine biologists claim that 85 percent of the world’s reefs are functionally extinct.  That’s one of the reasons Tethon was asked for a reef prototype from Blue W labs in New England.

The printed reefs were shipped and they were placed in the ocean off the East Coast.

The system Tethon has is the only one of its kind in the whole nation.  Using the ceramic powder makes it environmentally friendly.

As Karen Linder 3-D printed object can go back in the ocean or back in the dirt with no negative damage on the environment.

Tethon has more than 600 clients in 40 countries around the world. Karen Linder said the 3 D printing industry is constantly evolving and the possibilities are limitless.

2 Kids Left in a Minivan Overnight by Omaha Dad: Charges For Child Abuse

Omaha, Nebraska – An Omaha dad got sentenced to probation on Tuesday. He is guilty of leaving his two children in a minivan overnight. An Omaha dad left his children in his minivan and went drinking. Later on, he went home with a woman.

An Omaha man, a dad of two children, is identified as 29-year-old Charles Bibbs, is sentenced to three years of probation for intentional child abuse.

29-year-old Charles Bibbs will face a maximum of three years of imprisonment. According to officials, he left his kids aged 4 and 5, in an unlocked minivan to go to the bar for drinks. After drinking at the bar, he went to a woman’s apartment.

The incident happened at night. The kids at an unlocked van were running it at a stormy night. The woman who spotted boys alone in the van, gave them Honey Nut Cheerios to eat. She let the police know the next morning.

The boys were served juice and doughnuts from Omaha police officers.

29-year old Omaha man got released from the prison just hours before that night. He had been charged for fourth-offense drunken driving.

The case of children’s care is still pending.

Camping Fees in Nebraska are Planned to Rise Next Year

LINCOLN, Nebraska — Nebraska campers may likely pay more to hang a hammock, make a tent or put electricity in their condo-on-wheels at state parks in the next year.

At the meeting of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, a voting will be on-going for a campaign and indoor lodging fee increase. The meeting will take place on Friday in Kearney. An estimated amount of $2 million is generated by the higher fees that will help the agency to fulfill the demand for upgraded campgrounds which is done by the recent sales increase of RV in the USA.

According to Jim Swenson, administrator of the park division, “The most heard comment for the park is, “The park needs more campsites which will include connections as well.”

The park officials have recommended that the commission increase the cost of a primitive Tier 1 tent site from $8 to $10 while charging $35 for full-service Tier 5 sites. Swenson also wants the ability to add a $5 or $10 additional charge to designated “prime” sites.

“I hope that they will not get carried away with the charges,” said Norm Richardson, leader of a group called Nebraska Good Sam.

Swenson expected the fee growth to trigger a decline in annual parks visitation, which is currently estimated at 12 million.

The RV Industry Association says they have had increases in demand from millennials who are snapping up. The agency wants to make pricing as consistent as possible in Nebraska.

The fee rising can also include cabins, lodges and meeting rooms at the state parks like Ponca, Eugene T. Mahoney, and Fort Robinson.

And about campers, who are planning to bring horses, they’d pay an extra $5.

Nebraska’s Unemployment Rate of 2.7% Leaves People Without Jobs

NEBRASKA (state) — At this current moment, Nebraska has one of the lowest unemployment rates at 2.7%. Although it can seem a good thing to deal with, it causes some difficulties.

Over the recent years, mostly 3 years, Nebraska’s unemployment rate continues to drop, also, the Omaha and Council Bluffs metro’s rate.

In the metro, less than 14,000 people are without jobs. The rate talks itself, finding a job is easier in the metro, and getting hired is quick.

One of the applicators for the job, Larry Humberstone, spent not more than 40 minutes on the application for the interview at the MECA job fair being held on Monday.

Larry Humberstone said, “I just want to experience new things. It is always fun to know something you didn’t know how it worked.”

The goal of MECA is to fill up over 100 part time jobs. The jobs include: ticket selling, crowd manager, event staff and security officer.

According to the MECA president and CEO, Roger Dixon, it is a major concern of not being able to find enough part-time or hourly people.

The regional manager with the Nebraska Department of Labor, Scott Bergmann, said to the news release that the state is suffering from an unusual issue: it has a growing population and the unemployment rate is dropping.

Despite the dropping fact, Bergmann said that staff at Heartland Workforce Solutions are seeing more people are interested in online certification and resources.

If you are someone who is interested in some high demand jobs at this moment, you can learn more from this link. Anyone can enter Heartland Workforce Solutions for free resources. Walk-ins are welcome in any way.

Police Recruit Class of 58 People in Omaha is The Biggest Ever

Omaha, Nebraska – Training for 23 weeks will be conducted for fifty –eight people who want to become police officers.

The largest Omaha police recruit class is going to start this week. The last recruit class had 22 graduates, of May.

Twenty-two graduates officially became police officers on Friday, as Omaha Police chief says.

The training was conducted by 27 enforcement veterans.

While veteran class graduated within 11 weeks, the basic class went all the way till the end of the training.

The training offers 23 weeks of classroom introduction to police work, followed by field work later.

During the training, the recruits get to know how to write reports, do a criminal investigation and obtain skills to operate emergency vehicles.

According to Omaha Police announcement the department is hiring for another recruit class.  Nebraska-certified officers are going to make up the class.

It’s worth mentioning that the largest basic recruit of 57 people was conducted in September 2016.

According to Greg Gonzalez, Omaha Police Deputy Chef, and the current class is pretty diverse. It features special skill sets.

A Single-Crash in Omaha Left a 21-Year-Old Man Injured

Omaha, Nebraska – One-vehicle crash involving a young man happened early Sunday in Omaha.

The crash left an Omaha man injured. As far as the investigation found out, the crash occurred due to excessive speed and alcohol use.

The victim named Got J. Gatluak  of  21-years-old suffered serious injuries and was taken to the Nebraska Medical Center.

According to Omaha police spokesman, the victims’ injuries are considered non-life threatening.

Police spokesman said the man got her leg broken in the crash about 3.30 a.m., near 30th and Binney Streets.

Police officers said there was a strong odor of alcohol in the vehicle. The 21-year-old victim Gatluak confessed he was drinking before the collision.

The investigators of the crash also reported the man broke the posted speed limit. The vehicle he was driving was the 2003 Honda CR-V.

Gatluak was traveling south on 30th street left the roadway. He hit a remaining wall, then the power pole.

Due to the collision and following investigation, the traffic lanes were restricted for several hours. After cleaning the area, the lanes reopened for use at 10:30 a.m.

Amazon Delivers Food to Omaha

OMAHA, NEBRASKA — Starting this week, Amazon started delivering food to Omaha. Now the users can use Amazon Prime Now service to order household items and natural and organic grocery for instant delivery. Amazon is also doing active recruitment in Omaha area to boost the grocery retailing online or through mobile app.

Even though Amazon has its stable target audience, the grocery delivery is something new for the company, and requires a lot of marketing and financial efforts and commitment.

This service is now available in 47 cities across the United States. The grocery pickup was launched in August, 2018. It collaborated with the Whole Foods market and now expanded to include many cities.

This expansion of Amazon positively impacted the company’s “health”. The Independent Research issued a statement saying that it will have an impact on the target price of Amazon stock. Amazon doubled its share. It is projected that by 2020, the shares will surge to $1.46 trillion in market value. This movie is aligned with Amazon’s strategy to follow customer’s obsessions rather than competitor’s behavior. 1-Click shopping should refer to any retail area.

Death Sentence for Ex-doctor Who Killed 4 People in Nebraska

OMAHA, NEBRASKA — A former doctor was sentenced to death on Friday for the revenge killings of four people related to a Nebraska medical school over two decades ago.

The convicted was 45-years old Anthony Garcia. He appeared in the courtroom in a wheelchair in the courtroom and slept through the hearing as the judge panel sentenced him to death.

In 2016, convictions were made against Garcia for two attacks that occurred five years back. Prosecutors argued the killings were motivated by Garcia’s rage over being fired in 2001 by Dr. William Hunter and another Creighton pathology doctor, Roger Brumback.

According to investigations, Garcia fatally stabbed 11-year-old Thomas Hunter and 57-year-old Shirlee Sherman at the family’s home in an Omaha neighborhood. At the time, police couldn’t find the suspect due to shortage of the evidence.

The case was suspended in the following years. But that changed with the 2013 Mother’s Day deaths of Brumback and his wife, Mary, in their Omaha home. Police recognized similarities in the 2008 and 2013 killings. Garcia was immediately viewed as a suspect and was arrested two months later.

Prosecutors presented a large amount of evidence about that Garcia was planning to attack another Creighton medical school faculty member in 2013.

“Im Gonna Shoot up My School”: Lincoln East Went into a Lockout

LINCOLN, Nebraska — A Lincoln high school briefly went into lockout mode Wednesday as the FBI and police investigated a tweet threatening to shoot up a school.

A lockout means that no one can exit or enter the school. Lincoln East High School went into a lockout for roughly 12 minutes Wednesday afternoon after an Omaha FBI agent noticed a threat posted on Twitter and contacted the East High school resource officer, according to police.

Police thought the profile picture attached to the Twitter account was a former East student, sending the school into lockout mode as a precaution. After a small investigation process, police eliminated that person as a suspect.

In the tweet, the teen wrote, “Im gonna shoot up my school.”

The Twitter account from where the tweet was posted led lax enforcement to a 17-year-old Lincoln boy who is home-schooled. According to him, the tweet was a bad joke.

The case will be reviewed whether to bring charges against the teen.

The principal of Lincoln East sent a letter to families Wednesday notifying them of the threat and the school response.

“Safety continues to be our concern right now and we appreciate the response by students and staff to our lockout. We are working with the students and community that when they hear or see, it is ‘safe to say’.”

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