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Ford Stops Mustang Mach-E Deliveries For “Additional Quality Checks”

Ford has had a storied history. They began as innovators of automobiles with their Model A, back in 1903. And have since thrived with generations of powerful cars like none have ever seen before. But nowadays, they’re riddled with a couple of problems here and there that just aren’t all that fair.

Specifically, with the Mustang Mach-E.

It’s just bad news for the American automaker. Ford has had to announce delays in their Mustang Mach-E deliveries. This recent change is cited because of “additional quality checks.”

They started delivering the Mustang Mach-E just last year. But it was only a handful later before Mustang Mach-E units were detected with an inconsistency previously unknown before.

Some folks were notified that they’d have to wait an extra month and others figure it’d be worth to ask Ford themselves, “hey, what’s the hold-up?”

One of the Ford Spokesfolks has mentioned that there were “additional quality checks” that needed to be done within “several hundred” of the newest models.

In a statement, Ford insisted that “we want to ensure they [the Mustang Mach-E units] meet the quality our customers expect and deserve.”

What exactly the “additional quality checks” were is left unknown.

It’s very interesting, considering all the words Ford has had on Tesla…

From a short while ago, there has been a whole shroud of shade thrown at Tesla. Ford leaders indicate that unlike their EV competitor, their doors “fit properly,” while “plastics and other materials color-match,” and “the roof doesn’t come off when you wash it.” We’re being nice about it but it seems like a lame move on Ford’s part to jab the young buck of automobiles. Almost like a crabby grandpa complaining about the invention of an iron lung.

In any case, Ford’s just looking to outdo the competition to give customers 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Subaru: Five Things That won’t Change in the New Year and Five That will

Subaru Givens on New Vehicles

The Subaru 2021 Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, and Ascent SUVs offers customers five things they can rely on. These vehicles offer safety, value, affordability, fuel efficiency, and fun to drive models. In 2021, Subaru will change some things for the 2021 model year change. Moreover, this is what they are saying customers can expect from the automaker in the coming year.

The Automaker’s Value and Affordability

Known as a value brand, the carmaker will make sure their 2021 Forester, Outback, and Crosstrek are affordable. According to a new report, CarsDirect says Subaru of America is offering better lease deals on a few models now. In fact, the customers can check some of the unadvertised deals on Subaru models here. Keeping inventory low, the automaker will protect the value of your vehicle at trade-in.

All-Wheel-Drive is Standard, not an Additional Option, on Subaru

On niche all-wheel-drive models, Subaru builds fun that will get you away from the crowd.

This car builds the all-wheel-drive model. The only automaker that offers standard all-wheel-drive on every one of its models is Subaru. In fact, other automakers have front-drive models and charge more for the AWD option.

This Vehicle Offers Fuel-Efficient Engines

The automaker will stay with the four-cylinder Boxer engine. It will upgrade all its engines with direct-injection. Therefore, more new-generation models will get a turbocharged option like Ascent, Outback, and Legacy models. They all have a FA24 2.4-liter turbocharged powerplant. Subaru says to look out for new smaller turbocharged engines. They will be more fuel-efficient.

Subaru is Reported to Stay Conservative

SUVs will keep what is called their excellent outward visibility. Therefore, the car will stay conservative in terms of its styling. Also, Subaru won’t bring on any new models. In one of the hottest segments, customers won’t see a new mid-size pickup. In addition, the carmaker won’t offer a convertible trim to the BRZ sports coupe. The company will focus its endeavors and make improvements to its main models in 2021.

Subaru Stays in Their Lane Doing What They do Best

According to the Japanese automaker, safety will be a top priority. Upgrade on all its models will include the next-generation EyeSight X. In fact, all models will have the highest scores from the IIHS. This is something all Subaru customers can count on. However, the vehicle will remain with a manual transmission in Crosstrek, Impreza, and WRX. In fact, trims won’t have standard EyeSight until the 2024-2025 production year.

Reliability is a Factor and Constant

CEO Tomomi Nakamura said in a recent interview with  Automotive News (by subscription), the Japanese automaker is working to fix past quality problems. In addition, to improve upcoming quality in the new 2021 Forester, Outback, and Ascent models.

The Automaker is not Afraid to go Against What is Tried and True

Journalists reportedly criticized the second-generation BRZ for not having a turbocharged engine. Not afraid to go against conventional wisdom, the automaker brought in the new sports car with a naturally-aspirated engine.

Retro Pickup Trucks That Are Must-Buys For Affordable Prices

Have you ever seen a retro model of a pickup and decided, “holy moley! I must have that pickup!” but alas, it’d be too expensive? These recommendations are for you.

1992 Ford F-150 Nite Edition

Trucks with “Dark Knight vibes are the direct choice for designers. They sought after a quick-and-easy model to slap together. Even back in the nineties, color-flare decals were customized for the quarter panel of your Ford pickup. To top it all off, the Ford F-150 Nite Edition had factory sport suspension.

1992 GMC Sonoma GT

The GMC Sonoma GT gave the same “oompsk” same visual impact as the Syclone but with a mere 195 horsepower from a humble little 4.3-liter Vortec V-6. There also remains the towing capacity and the payload.

1993–1997 Ford Ranger Splash

The Ranger Splash is a diet sports truck. While they never were a showy line of trucks, the Splash has fan service for stepside box fans and suspension drop enthusiasts everywhere.

1994 Chevrolet S-10 SS/LS

Eager to get in on the buzz generated by the Sonoma GT, Chevrolet slapped a body kit on its own S-10 compact truck a couple of years later. A precursor to the “Xtreme” trim level that would define the small pickup’s early 2000s street pretensions, the SS/LS featured not just sleek lowrider looks but also the requisite limited-slip diff and a 200-hp version of GM’s ubiquitous 4.3-liter V-6.

1998 Ford F-150 NASCAR Edition

This was a special-edition F-150‘s tribute to NASCAR. Low suspension, dual side-exit exhaust, and a unique air dam. The latter of which was from Roush peeking under the front bumper. only 3,000 Ford F-150 NASCAR Editions came to life.

1998–2003 Dodge Dakota R/T

With a 250-hp 5.9-liter V8 pairing nicely with the 345 lb-ft of torque, the R/T would give limitless potential. And how couldn’t it? A collective of wide 17-inch tires, a 0.75-inch suspension drop, and huge brakes for already-thick rear stabilizer bars? Come on. A monochromatic paint scheme was nothing for the muscled-up Dakota. Huge big decals told everyone you ripped through tires for fun.

Wendy’s Closing Takeout Dining! Harder for Truckers, Drive-Thru and Thru

Do you remember how convenient drive-thrus were? Whether it was an In-N-Out, Del Taco or Panda Express, there would just be such an amount of joy to grab your food and go. So now with the pandemic kinda swamping us out of nowhere, drive-thrus have never been more convenient. Except for truck drivers. Truck drivers, of course, are notorious for being too big to fit under drive-thru verandas. So of course, dining in, or nowadays, take-out has just been the better option. But now, even Corona Virus is extinguishing that! Starting with Wendy’s.

As it stands right now, it looks like the fast-food joint made famous by Dave Thomas and his signature-square patties is considering to be drive-thru only. But what they don’t realize is that this is not ideal for a key demographic of their customers. Truckers are spending all their time on the road, going from one coast to the other in order to pick up or deliver for the betterment of man. And now this? Absurd. Unbelievable. Ostentatious. The nerve of some restaurants following in Wendy’s footsteps. (I’m looking at you, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, and Taco Bell.)

It’s a legitimate problem! So much so, that when police officers caught wind of this sub-pandemic issue, they offered via social media, to get food for the truckers passing through their cities. It just sucks that some semis won’t fit into the clearance area for eating Whoppers and Big Macs. And sure, there are some restaurants throughout the country that have semi-truck friendly serving stations, tall enough to fit the capacity of the truck itself. But sometimes that type of service needs to be amplified for all truckers. Wendy’s is on thin ice with this business choice. You would think they would know how to be better at this type of decision making.

Trucker Beetle Bailey | April 27th, 2020

Tuatara Supercar Breaks Land-Speed Record! (And the driver’s psyche.)

Oliver Webb, race car driver and current trauma victim, was shaking in front of the Tuatara supercar. With the help of SSC CEO Jerod Shelby, Webb had just broken the land speed record with an entry of 316.11 mph. Not that that was the upsetting part. The upsetting part was nearly being knocked over by a gust of wind coming in at 331 mph. The car only shifted a lane but it still was too rough for Webb. The driver was so emotional, he muttered to Shelby “I’m done. I can do no more.” True, Webb may have bested Koenigsegg and Bugatti alike but at what cost if the whole event has seemingly shellshocked the driver?

SSC Tuatara had been driven on a seven-mile spread of asphalt on State Route 160. This happened on Saturday, almost a year after it was originally meant to take place. And no, it wasn’t because of corona virus. Not only because the pandemic hadn’t impacted the states yet, but really because the Department of Transportation were shutting down SR 160. For anticipation of paving new areas of the highway.

Skip to today, Webb, a 29-year old Brit, was about to take on the challenge of beating the land speed record with the Tuatara. He did so in three passes. The first pass, he made it to 287 mph. The second pass, he hit 301 mph. Thirdly, that pass would be his most treacherous as a gust of wind nearly knocked him over.

Even with the maintenance checks and the temp checks and the satellite tracking, no one on the team could’ve predicted. Still, there it was. The proof in the pudding. The devil in the details.

The Tuatara supercar had broken the land-speed record at 316 miles.

Finally, we aren’t driven by Oliver Webb, but we can certainly ship your car in an expedited speed, as a rival only to the Tuatara. Call us or visit our site for a free quote!

Ex-United Auto Workers President Pleads Guilty in Embezzlement Scheme

Dennis Williams, the former president of the United Auto Workers, has pleaded guilty Wednesday, September 30th to an embezzlement scheme. So much for being known “for his good company reputation.” What can we learn from the cautionary tale? Karma is your reward for “dirty deeds hardly done cheaply at expense of others!”

Williams said he suspicions the union dues were being used for golf, lodging, and fancy meals. But he “deliberately looked away” and enjoyed the “spoils” of bounty.

The big takeaway that Mr. Williams not the first person in this esteemed position to abuse his power. In fact, Dennis Williams is the latest senior leader at the UAW to plead guilty in the government’s investigation of corruption in the union’s upper ranks.

As it turns out, his successor as president, Gary Jones, pleaded guilty in June. The United Auto Workers suffers from the plague afflicted by self-entitled fat cats nibbling at the capitalist catnip.

Hard-Working Men and Women of The UAW

“As I have often said, the hard-working men and women of the UAW deserve so much better,” said Steven D’Antuono, head of the FBI in Detroit. We all know how hard the “little people” at the bottom work.

Dennis Williams Started at the United Auto Workers as a Welder and Became President

Initially, Williams joined the United Auto Workers as a welder in Rock Island, Illinois, in 1977. From there, he rose to become secretary-treasurer and eventually became president from 2014 until he retired in 2018.

Dennis Williams, 67, was accused of conspiring with others to cover up the source of cash which included for boozy meals, premium cigars, golf and lodging in Palm Springs, California.

The union’s Region 5 leadership, which was based in Missouri and headed by Jones, would hold weeklong retreats in Palm Springs. Jones would invite Williams along. He said he stayed beyond “what my union business required.”

Not so innocent? Williams told a judge he would wonder if there was a misuse of money. Yet, Jones told him “everything was above board.”

Fatal Mistake, No Conscience, Catholics Appear like Saints to Next This “Guy”

“I made the deliberate and conscious decision not to press the matter. Instead, I could have investigated the source of these funds or directed my staff to do so,” Williams said, appearing in court by video conference from California.

“It was within my power and duty as a UAW officer to do so. But I deliberately looked away.” That is beyond unfortunate and very stupid.

More than $53,000 in union money went to rent a villa for Williams for monthslong stays in 2015-18, according to a court filing. Williams faces a likely prison sentence of 18 to 24 months. Palm Springs is no vacation when you are spending time in a penitentiary.

“I want to close by apologizing to this court, to my family, and to each and every hard-working UAW member paying dues,” Williams said. Dennis, it’s a little too late, my friend.

The Detroit-based United Auto Works has about 400,000 members. It represents workers at Fiat Chrysler, General Motors, and Ford Motor.

The union said Williams has repaid $55,000 in inappropriate travel expenses. In addition, the United Auto Workers is selling a lakefront house built for him at a union conference center in northern Michigan. So much for the high life, Dennis…

Williams put “self-interest above that of our members and this union,” the UAW said Wednesday.

More United Auto Workers Officials Plead Guilty

Eleven union officials and a late official’s spouse have pleaded guilty since 2017, although not all the crimes were in connection. The first wave of convictions, which included some Fiat Chrysler employees, involved taking money from a Fiat Chrysler-UAW training center in Detroit.

GMC: EV Hummer Moves Sideways!

The GMC Hummer EV is about to be revealed on October 20th. Just in time for the spooky season!

By reading the title, you probably can take a guess as to why we mentioned spooky season. The new Hummer has the capability of moving sideways! This spectacular feature is respectfully called ‘crab mode.’

Crab mode basically uses all four wheels. They all move in the same direction by utilizing the rear-wheel-steering function.

This is something that people only think of in their minds. Yet, GMC is delivering this weird feature. The image of a car moving side-to-side can’t really form in our minds, however.

According to GMC, the feature is for off-road driving to help maneuverability. Much like the Rivian R1T’s “tank turn” feature, GMC better deliver something smooth.

GMC originally wanted to reveal this vehicle in May but was delayed. The actual deliveries of the GMC Hummer EV will begin in the fall of next year. HUMMER BUMMER!

But we understand with the pandemic that’s going on. At least they make it up with this feature we can’t stop thinking about.

Although we can’t really think of a reason for a car to operate diagonally. But then we must ask ourselves, why not?

Maybe it can help get out of mud with more ease? Or actually be able to drive on rougher grounds like sand? Interesting!

Speaking of sand, the new teaser video shows the electric truck driving on a beach. Sweet move. That answers some more questions.

On top of the reveal, you’ll be able to make a reservation for the Hummer pickup on the same date. GMC is also expecting to make an SUV version that may have these functions as the Hummer EV.

Definitely stay tuned with GMC for more updates!

Vert-A-Pack: How Car Shipping Optimized Space

Vert-A-Pack is a phrase that doesn’t get enough credit. There are a number of reasons why you haven’t heard of it, but it changed car shipping forever.

Back in the 70’s Chevy was trying to figure out a way to ship cars more effectively. While the traditional methods would work so long as production was lower, higher productions vehicles such as the doomed Chevy Vega would need to get to showrooms and auto sellers at a quicker pace.

The traditional route would be able to ship 12-18 cars depending on the size of the vehicle. The price of shipping vehicles is high. The company decided to revolutionize how cars are shipped via railways.

The traditional methods such as utilizing truck transports and open car carriers left a lot of cars under the threat of thievery and damage. It was up to the engineers at Chevy and GM to develop a safer, more effective and cost-efficient way to get cars to the dealerships.

Vert-A-Pack Becomes The New Standard

Where the traditional method was able to ship up to 18 cars (for compact cars) the new method could ship up to 24. The process was also an absolute shift. Instead of loading the vehicles on and having them stationary, the new methods introduce shipping the vehicles from the nose-down.

Now, many people would look at this and say that it might not be good for the cars to sit nose-down for long periods of time, and for the most part, they would be right, but then again, cars are durable – especially during the 70’s.

While the debut of these shipping methods were in dawning at the same time as the Vega, the car did not live up to the hype and quickly became known as one of the worst cars in history. Still, the methods used to ship reshaped auto shipping for years to come.

NASCAR Drivers: 4 of the All-Time Greatest

Can you name some of the most accomplished NASCAR Drivers of all time? Go ahead and pick the four names you think rank at the top of the list. Then compare below to see some crazy stats! These guys just win, win, win.

Top 4 NASCAR Drivers and Their Victories

Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie Johnson hails from El Cajon, California. He fell in love with racing at the age of four. Thus began a lifelong passion and successful career. He won Rookie of the Year in several racing series before he eventually switched over to NASCAR. Jimmie Johnson was the first racer to collect five consecutive championship titles. In the other four races of his first nine seasons with NASCAR, he placed in the top five point standings. He is the only driver to qualify for every Chase for the Sprint Cup. In total, he has 55 career wins and 25 poles. And he’s still driving!

Dale Earnhardt

Dale Earnhardt was born in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Racing ran in his family, as his father was one of the best short-track drivers in the states. Despite winning a NASCAR Championship in 1956, Ralph Earnhardt did not like the idea of his son pursuing a similar career. Still, nothing could keep Dale away. He amassed seven titles and 76 Cup wins throughout his career. Sadly, he died in a last-lap crash during the Daytona 500 in February of 2001. He lives on in the NASCAR Hall of Fame as of 2010. You may know him as “Ironhead”, “The Intimidator,” or “The Man in Black.”

David Pearson

David Pearson lived the first part of his life in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Many of his contemporaries considered him the be a “model of efficiency.” Friends and fellow drivers described him as being not-too-flashy but very, very fast. When Pearson showed up, he won. He totaled 105 victories throughout his career. Even running a partial schedule, he took home three Cup titles (’66, ’68, ’69). He came out with 113 pole positions, second only to one other man. Of the man that beat him in this regard, Pearson said: “I always felt that if I beat him I beat the best, and I heard he said the same thing about me.”

Richard Petty

Maybe you already knew Pearson was talking about Richard Petty. Petty had similarly kind things to say about Pearson. “It didn’t hurt as bad to lose to Pearson as it did to some of the others, because I knew how good he was.”

Rick Petty was born in Level Cross, North Carolina, to a NASCAR legacy family. His father, Lee Petty, won the very first Daytona 500. Richard Petty’s son, grandson, and brother all drove as well. Being so surrounded by the NASCAR bug, is it any wonder that he was such a pro? Petty took home seven Cup championships, 200 Cup wins, and 123 Cup poles. He has the most wins in a season (27), most career starts of all time (1,027), the most consecutive wins (10), and the most Daytona 500 wins (seven).

So if you were wondering why so many fans call him “The King”, now you know.

Mustang Car Club of Omaha Excited For September Show

The Mustang Car Club of Omaha (or MCCO) looks forward to getting back to business after pushing its 2019 show for a full year. Last September, bad weather delayed the event. Will Covid-19 postpone the 40th Annual Show yet again?

September 22, 2019 vowed to be a fun-filled day for Omaha families. Local Mustang fans planned to gather for MCCO’s 40th Annual Show in the Hy-Vee Parking Lot. The organization had offered 39 classes and kid-friendly events for locals to enjoy. For eight hours, enthusiasts planned to “ooh and aah” over classic cars while enjoying each other’s company. Weather put a damper on plans that year, though. And so MCCO rescheduled the show for September of 2020.

But big events are up against a new obstacle this year: the coronavirus. Covid-19 has hampered large gatherings all across the globe. Thankfully, Douglas County’s statistics show there is room for optimism. Though the region saw a spike in Mid-May, active cases have since been declining. But can Omaha keep their numbers down? And can the MCCO find a safe way to host their event?

Mustang Car Club Celebrations

The MCCO hosts events throughout the year for its members. Most of their parties and shows are open to children and reasonably priced. If we judge based off of last year’s schedule for the 40th Annual Show, this year’s comeback promises to be a hit.

The 2019 event was meant to feature a car show judged by popular vote. Voters could award “Best of show”, “interior”, “paint/exterior”, and “engine compartment” awards based on their favorites. The show hoped to celebrate 69/70 Mustangs in particular. It would have offered 39 classes for Mustangs and Classic Fords. Children had Hot Wheels races to look forward to.

But hope is not lost. And often, the anticipation leading up to something makes us want it more. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. So when everyone reconvenes this fall, the joy will be all the greater.

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