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Gering High School Flooded by Thunderstorm in Gering, NE

Gering, NE- While locals of Douglas and Sarpy County were expecting temperatures of the high 80’s on Tuesday, heavy rainfall and thunderstorm are what they got instead, causing the flood in the area. Some areas also got hail.

The weather channel had notified people to expect the flood until around noon.

Certain streets, like Northbound 114th, had been shut down for a bit.

Flooding in NebraskaUS 81, US 6, 1st and A streets, as well as Nebraska 15, are all blocked off temporarily.

The rain was so heavy last weekend that it also caused a school to flood in the Nebraska Panhandle.

Gering area got up to 9 inches of rain. The city got rainfall Friday night all the way through Saturday.

In Gering High School, the boiler room had 6 feet of water! They basically got a pool in the room from the amount of rain there was.

The water leaked into the building from the utility tunnels, which are made for renovation purposes.

According to the local radio station, KNEB, the boiler room contained about 125,000 to 150,000 gallons of water.

The weather channel reported expecting warmer and sunny weather, starting from Wednesday until Friday during the day.

However, more rain and thunderstorms should be expected on both Thursday and Friday evening.

But, great news! The weekend is expecting to have warmer and rain-free days, with the weather being in the high 80’s.


Omaha Shooting Left 1 Injured near Ohio Street

OMAHA, Nebraska — Omaha police have identified the victim shot Tuesday afternoon.


omaha shootingPatrick Hartin, 67, was shot in the foot by an unknown man just after 4 p.m., police said.


Hartin was taken to Nebraska Medical Center. He is considered to have non-life-threatening injuries.


The shooting was reported near Florence Boulevard and Ohio Street.


There is no more information given so far.


The shooter was described as a black man in his 20s with a thin build and dark clothing.

A Pedestrian Killed on I-680 after a Semi Crashed

omaha semi crashOMAHA, Nebraska — Monday morning, a pedestrian was killed in a crash involving a semi on Interstate 680.


The crash took place near the 48th Street exit around 4:45 a.m. Paramedics confirmed one person died at the scene, police said.


The westbound lanes west of 48th Street was closed by police at around 5 a.m. Drivers were able to get back on Interstate 680 using the 72nd Street on-ramp. Those lanes were closed for several hours.


The victim’s identity has not yet been released.


The cause of the crash is being examined by Investigators.


South 156th Street Will Close Due to Construction

omaha road closureOMAHA, Nebraska — South 156th Street will close Monday between Harrison Street and Gertrude Street as part of a major upgrade of Harrison, Sarpy County officials said.


Officials say the work will consist of removal of the old pavement, grading, storm-sewer work, and paving.


The detour route for eastbound Harrison Street is 156th Street north to Q Street and then east on Q Street to 144th Street, or 168th Street south to Giles Road, then east on Giles Road to 144th Street, officials said.


The detour route for westbound Harrison Street is 144th Street north to Q Street then west on Q Street to 168th Street, or 144th Street to Giles Road then west on Giles Road to 168th Street, officials said.


The 156th and Harrison intersection will remain open, allowing motorists to head north to Q Street. Southbound traffic on 156th Street will travel to 168th Street, then south to Giles Road, then east on Giles Road to 144th Street.

Omaha Police Demonstrating the New “ABLE-1” Technology on Board

Omaha Police helicopter pilots see things from the air, other officers don’t.

“We’re there to help them. The quicker we can get the information out to them on the ground, the safer they will be and will be more efficient,” Police pilot Jason Messerschmidt said.

Officer Messerschmidt and Officer Matt Stewart flew and demonstrated the new technology now on board “ABLE-1.”

Through the 2016 Douglas County bond issue and money budgeted in OPD, the helicopter unit received $1.4 million in upgrades. Two of the three helicopters are now equipped with the new FLIR and GPS system. FLIR is “forward-looking infra-red.”

omaha police“It’s all right in front of us. We don’t have to switch to different screens to switch from GPS to the mapping system to the camera and back and forth,” Officer Messerschmidt said. “It’s all there in front of us.”

There are new cameras with clearer images and sharper video. The mapping system automatically displays street names and house numbers which makes the job easier.

They can capture clear pictures during the day. Like an image from the police pursuit last Thursday on the South Kennedy Freeway. The old camera could not take pictures during the day.

With the decade-old system, they just replaced, pilots would have to count blocks and addresses.

“The address will come up imprinted right over the top of the house,” Messerschmidt said. “Everything we need is on a hand controller or within a touch on the screen.”

Also, a laser range finder is added now pilots can use that to pinpoint the exact latitude and longitude coordinates where a suspect drops a gun or drugs.

“Blue shaded areas will tell us where we already searched, and we won’t search the same area repeatedly,” Messerschmidt said.

“It’s going to help us do our job a little better and a little quicker,” Messerschmidt said.


Police Chief Todd Schmaderer’s Brother Seriously Injured During Intrusion Alert

omaha police chiefOMAHA, Nebraska — Police Chief Todd Schmaderer’s brother was seriously injured late Wednesday while police were checking the South Omaha post office for a possible intruder.

Police said officers reported to the post office at 4730 S. 24th St. around 11:55 p.m. after an intrusion alarm sounded.

Police said officers found evidence of a burglary and began clearing the facility.

Later, Officer Brian Schmaderer fell 10 feet while he was clearing a catwalk, police said. he was unconscious when officers found him, police said.

He was taken to the Nebraska Medical Center in serious condition, according to rescue squad personnel at the scene.

Brian Schmaderer was alert while he was taken to the hospital, police said.

There were no arrests.

Road Widening Project Closes the Street on Thursday for Several Months

Omaha roadsOMAHA, Nebraska — A heavily used north-south travel corridor in northwest Omaha is scheduled to close for several months beginning Thursday for a major roadway upgrade project.

At 9 a.m., 168th Street, roughly between West Maple Road and West Dodge Road, will be closed for the street-widening project that will impact on motorists for nine months.

On Thursday, Blondo Street between North 171st Street and Dora Hamann Parkway, which is about three blocks east of North 168th Street, will also be closed for about six months as part of the improvement project.

The overall improvement work will widen 168th from two lanes to four lanes and add a median and left-turn lane. This project also will include improvements to the 168th and Blondo Streets intersection.

An estimated 17,700 vehicles use 168th Street daily. Officials expect the number to grow to 30,500 daily by 2040.

The project, estimated to cost more than $21 million, initially was set to be completed in two phases — West Maple to Blondo Street in 2018, then Blondo to West Dodge, with the second phase probably set for 2019. But they are both combined into one project by the city.

‘I apologize to my wife and son’, State Senator Mike McDonnell Said After DUI Arrest

Nebraska State Senator Mike McDonnell did not reference his first-offense arrest on suspicion of DUI, as he apologized Thursday on the floor of the legislature to his family, constituents, and colleagues.

The Nebraska State Patrol arrested the Omaha senator early Thursday on misdemeanor charges of driving while intoxicated and refusing to submit to a test. He was also cited for failure to stay in a lane. The DUI charge is the first offense.

McDonnell, 52, was stopped by the Nebraska State Patrol on Interstate 80 and booked through the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office at 12:52 a.m. Thursday.

As a state senator, McDonnell’s prosecution will be delayed until the session ends in mid-April. He was released shortly after 2 a.m.

“Last night, I was pulled over for not maintaining my lane on Interstate 80,” McDonnell told fellow lawmakers.

But McDonnell stopped himself as began to describe the incident.

nebraska senator

“The trooper was professional. He was polite. I refused…”.


McDonnell changed the direction of his comments to note senators are held to a higher standard and should not make decisions that affect their districts or state negatively.

“I take full responsibility for my actions and the decisions I make,” said McDonnell.

“I apologize to my wife and son, the people of my district, and the members of the legislature which I’m honored and proud to serve in,” he said.

In addition, McDonnell is a Gross High and the University of Nebraska at Omaha graduate. He has a master’s degree in public administration from Bellevue University. McDonnell served 6 years as Omaha fire chief, and a total of 24 years as an Omaha firefighter, including 10-years as union president.

He was elected to the Nebraska Legislature in 2016 representing South Omaha’s district 5.


Standoff Situation in the Omaha Neighborhood

Omaha newsOMAHA, Nebraska — Thursday evening Omaha Police attempted to serve warrants to a suspect who locked himself in his home near 45th and Grand Ave.

The man refused to open the door for police and a standoff ensued.

The residence was surrounded quickly after heavily armed police units were called.

The situation remained tense for several hours.

After speaking with the man, the suspect came out of the home and was taken into custody.


Early Christmas Morning Fire Destroys People’s Homes

Omaha FireOMAHA, Nebraska — Omaha firefighters were called to two early Christmas Day house fires.

The first fire started around 12:30 a.m. in Ralston.

Four people were forced to leave their home after a fire started in an upstairs bedroom of a home near 80th and Lakeview streets.

“It was seconds, in one second my house was in flames, everything happened in a minute,” homeowner Jessica Rivera said in Spanish.

Rivera says she was celebrating Christmas Eve with her husband, Enoc, their two sons, ages 7 and 12, and a friend when smoke started filling the home. She said the haze seemed to be coming from her bedroom.

“When we opened the door, I saw the flames rising to the ceiling,” Rivera said.

Rivera said she and her husband rushed to get their children out the door. Enoc told that he punched through a glass window sheet to help dissipate the smoke. His hand was wrapped up in gauze Christmas morning.

The only things the family was able to save were themselves, and their car.

“We lost the two kids’ bedrooms, my room, the living room, we lost everything,” Rivera said.

Newly-opened gifts were sitting in the hallway and living room Christmas morning. The table was still set with half-eaten plates of food. The only difference is that everything was covered in a layer of dirt.

Ralston firefighters knocked down the fire with assistance from the Omaha Fire Department. No injuries were reported.

The Red Cross was called in to help the family find a place to stay for the night. Rivera said it was the last place she imagined herself to be on Christmas.

“You’re with your family, you see your kids happy, and suddenly you feel as if you’ve lost it all in a second,” she said, “and it’s very sad.”

Rivera said she’s grateful that she and her family members were not hurt or killed.

The family believes the blaze started somewhere along the chimney of their wood burning stove.

The state fire marshal’s office is investigating the case.

Omaha firefighters were called to a second house fire, which started around 1:30 a.m. in the basement of a home near 14th and Browne streets. The flames caused extensive damage before crews could put them out.

Firefighters said no one was home when the fire started.

The causes of both fires are under investigation.