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New Route for Southwest. The only airline to fly nonstop from Omaha to Tampa International Airport


Next year seasonal nonstop flight between Omaha’s Eppley Airfield and Tampa International Airport in Florida will launch.
The service will launch on March 10. It will be offered every week on Saturdays.

This route is new for Southwest. Manager of airline affairs of Eppley Steve McCoy said that it will be the only airline which will fly nonstop from Omaha to Tamaha International Airport.

Also, Southwest flies seasonally to Orlando International Airport as well as to Los Angeles International Airport.

Gas Prices In Omaha Declined Slightly And Could Continue To Drop In May

In the Omaha area  the month of may began with a 4-cent drop in the average prices of a gallon of gasoline. In the past week the price of regular unleaded fell to an average of $2.28 a gallon Monday. At one Omaha location regular unleaded was selling for as low as $2.10 per gallon and $2.12 at another.  The other retailers offered regular unleaded for $2.19.

In Nebraska average prices also dropped 2 cents to $2.33 a gallon,  and 4 cents in Iowa to $2.30.

Dan McTeague, a petroleum analyst, attributed the drop to a nationwide oversupply of gasoline.

The oversupply, “as refiners ramp up production, will continue to exert downward pressure on prices at the pump,” he said, adding that prices could continue to fall.

The expected bump in fuel demand doesn’t seem to be coming, leaving refineries with a lot of inventory that has yet to find a market,” McTeague said. “Gas prices appear poised to drop yet again this week.”

A month ago, Omaha’s average price for regular unleaded gas was $2.23 a gallon. It was $2.06 per gallon a year ago. In Nebraska, the average a month ago was $2.28. A year ago, the average was $2.17. In Iowa, the average a month ago was $2.27 a gallon. A year ago, it was $2.13.


Couple Threatens to File A Complaint After Incident With Omaha Police

This couple was dragged from their car and put in handcuffs for no reason – that’s what an Omaha couple says Omaha police officers did to them.

Now, there is an internal investigation at the Omaha Police Department to find out what went on.

The whole situation was caught on camera by Trent Reis who says he was parked in his car with his fiancé, Willecia Jones.

They state they were about to go into a friend’s house when two officers pulled up behind them.

Jones said, “I, you know, was persistent about not giving my ID.” As she says, she didn’t think she and Reis had done anything wrong.

Reis said, “These guys jogged over to our car and immediately the officer who was on her side of the vehicle pulled out his baton.”

Jones said, “They never once told us why they pulled us over.”

In the video one of the officers said it was because Jones didn’t have her seat belt on when the car was moving.

Jones said, “We were parked on the correct side of the street. We abided by every law so they had no probable cause to do what they did.”

After Jones didn’t give the officer her ID she says she was yanked from the car and handcuffed.

Reis says he eventually handed over his ID, but the same thing happened to him. He says that’s when one of the officers took his phone and stopped the video.

Reis says he then heard one of the officers tell Jones that she was going to jail for not giving them her ID.

‘”I said, “but I’m sure going to talk to Lt. Pauly about this,”’ said Reis.

“They kind of got shook up about it,” said Jones.

She says after the officers heard Lt. Pauly’s name they took off the handcuffs and released Jones and Reis.

Jones said, “They did not check our car. They did not issue a ticket.”

The couple says after what happened they both plan to file a complaint.

Reis also shared that he’s in the process of applying to be an officer with the Omaha Police Department.

Executive Director Danielle Conrad released this statement:

“This situation should have a thorough review and response by the Omaha Police Department and an independent review if necessary…generally, law enforcement has the right to ask for the identification of someone in the driver seat at any time. A passenger, however, is not obligated to provide identification under most circumstances.”

Police Union representatives say if you don’t show your ID when asked it’s an offense.

The only things officers are saying right now is that it’s an internal investigation and a personnel matter.

This video is for showing purposes only. We do not own any rights to this video.

Omaha Shooting Victims Identified as Three Teenagers… Find Out More Here!

After a Monday morning shooting near 79th Street and Nebraska Avenue, three people were hospitalized with critical injuries .

Police received reports of a shooting around 12:30 a.m, which is when they found the victims.

Paramedics rushed all three victims to Nebraska Medicine for treatment. All three of the victims are expected to survive.

Metropolitan Utility District crews were also called in after reports of a stray bullet possibly hitting a gas line that went into the house.

The investigation is still at its beginning stages, a lot of information is not yet available. Many witnesses were interviewed, many of which were afraid to release their names because they are in fear that the shooter may return to the neighborhood.

Witnesses told the police that the shooter walked up to the house and started shooting. He fired 6-7 shots, then fled with a dark colored SUV. The shooter was well aware of what he was doing. He was last seen driving East on 79th St.

Omaha police have identified three teenagers who were injured in a shooting Monday morning.

Trey Johnson, 19, Emoni Phelps, 14, and Maniya Swiney, 14, are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries at Nebraska Medicine.

No other information was released.

How Is Social Media Helping The Nebraska State Police?

Social media plays a great role in our everyday lives. Its influence continues to grow daily. The Nebraska State Patrol is very pleased with social media and how it helps then keep the public updated.

Nebraska State Patrol has been active on social media for the past 6 years. They believe that any message that is sent out through social media can help drivers hold a stronger focus when driving. This is mainly because losing focus while driving is a very common occurrence in this day and time.

Giving the public updates about road conditions and community events through social media sites such as Twitter is very common. The information that is released can be useful to people because they will have a better idea of what is going on in a specific area that they may be traveling to or through. This is much better than calling 511 to get information about road conditions or using a weather app.

During the most current ice storm in Nebraska, there were no fatal accidents. The law enforcement states that the main reason is because of social media.

It is very important for people to know about the conditions they are driving in to and not just take a chance for the best and go.

Being active on social media can also be of benefit to the department and the overall community in many ways. Communication is the key, having a way to engage with a majority of the community helps build a sense of trust. Social media becomes a platform for the community to express its questions and concerns and get their answers. It allows the spread of knowledge and information with almost no effort. This is very beneficial because it can serve as a sense of protection to the community or even help find missing persons and wanted suspects.

Omaha Power Outage Affects Over 1,500 People.

Over 1500 people are left without power in Omaha on Monday afternoon. These scatter outages were reported mostly near 40th and Harney Streets. The official cause was not immediately reported but an OPPD specialist is investigating the reason right now.

OPPD Storm Manager Ryan Mayberry expressed his thoughts about feeling positive about the situation. He also expressed that he was mainly concerned about tree branches and cars hitting poles, other than that the wind was not going to be too strong.

OPPD crews, trouble shooters, technicians, and tree crews, are on standby ready to report to any situation when needed.

When experiencing a power outage, here are some important points…

1. Safety

a. Never touch a downed or fallen power line, always assume that the power line is live and high voltage.
b. Do not go near anything that is touch a fallen power line this includes, other people or equipment.
c. Do not drive over a fallen power line.
d. Immediately call 911 if you experience a power line fall.

2. Outage Report

a. When experiencing an outage please call OPPD.
b. Always pinpoint your location because it allows the utility to access the vicinity of the situation, more crews may be needed.
c. An option is available for you to be prompted about updates regarding the reported outage.
d. Ways to report an outage include calling 1800-544-OPPD (6773), a free app for I-phone users on the app store and for android users on Google Play store called OPPD Connect. Also, a mobile version of is available.

3. Outage Map

a. There is an option for customers to view a map of the outage and receive the latest information about the number of outages and locations of other electrical issues in the service area.

Reported Stabber at Ohio State University, 10 Hospitalized

A tragic Monday follows Thanksgiving break for Ohio State University. Monday morning around 10 am an active stabber was reported in Watts Hall. The building is the center for the science and engineering programs. The Columbus based university is one of the biggest in the nation with about 60,000 students enrolled.

cyw6tuqwiaeemfvThere are now reports that the suspect used a car in the beginning of the attack, running over pedestrians. Later, the assailant used a butcher knife for his attacks, cutting pedestrians. Also, the gunshots heard may have been from police guns when trying to stop the attacker. A student reported that the attacker looked crazed and made no sound, even after being shot 3 times. The assailant was determined and did not want to go down easy, which is why it took three shots to stop him.  Police were seen surrounding and going into the parking garage on Lane Ave, where they believed the suspect was located.

The stabber is now reported as dead. Nine people have been hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries, whereas, one is in critical condition totaling out to 10 victims.

Students were barricading themselves inside classroom by stacking chairs in front of the doors. Many alerts went out warning the students to run, hide, or fight. Many students tweeted letting friends and families know that they are safe. Also, the university sent out many tweets alerting its followers about the situation and giving them updates. The university also sent out text message alerts prompting student to stay safe and away from campus.

The situation is now under control and has been cleared. Classes at Ohio State University have been cancelled for the rest of the day. Also, schools around Ohio State University have declared a lock down. Students from Upper Arlington or Grandview schools will not be able to leave campus without a parent or guardian.


The stabber has been identified as 18 year old Razak Ali Artan. His motive is still being investigated,

Omaha Community Coming Together After Three Homicides In A Year

The Southside Terrace Garden Apartments neighborhood in Omaha has decided to make a stand regarding the homicides that happened in the last year. The community has witnessed three homicides since November 2015. The most recent homicide took place on the first of November and took the life of a 23 year old. Tiar Black who is the President of OHA Resident Advisory Board, has decided to call a meeting today November 16, 2016 at 4 pm at the OHA Community Center in order to discuss and plan new safety measures for the community.

depositphotos_37632957_m-2015The President has many ideas that go against crime and violence. Most of her ideas revolve around the involvement of the community. Her ideas included people calling the police when witnessing suspicious activity. This can prevent a small argument outside from turning into something bigger.

Tiar Black also believes that division plays a big role in the crimes and violence in the community. She believes that the community should come together as one and not look at each other as different. Lastly, she mentioned how important being a good neighbor is.

She also expressed how the younger generation needs to be taught to achieve greater things in order to get them to stray from gang violence. Her daughter plays a big role in bringing the younger members of the community together. She mows lawns to raise money to buy bikes and toys for the community youth, in order to stop them from fighting and play soccer instead.

Tiar Black hopes that the meeting will be a success. She has high expectations coming from the community and expects them to come together as one and as a community reduce violence and devise a greater and safer plan.


Costco is still continuing to plan and operate a new chicken plant in South Nebraska, even after the City of Fremont faced a lawsuit submitted by residents regarding the plant. Residents claimed that the city council broke the law by calling fruitful farmland “blighted and substandard” just for the purpose of opening up a chicken plant.
The company is still trying to get the appropriate permits from the city. The city is still reviewing the application and has not made a final decision yet. Costco is hoping to start the construction of the plant in 2017 but may need a few more permits from the state that have not yet been submitted. The state may require permits for emission and water discharge. The department held an informal meeting in order to discuss the types of permits they may need in order to go through with their plans.
Costco wants to control more of its supply chain which is an unusual step for a grocery retailer. It has plans to provide its Midwestern locations with chicken by building poultry plant in Nebraska and establishing a network with poultry growers in Nebraska. This will allow them to lower prices and give their customers a better value. The plant will be operated a third party company based in Georgia called Lincoln Poultry Plant.
The residents of the area are opposed to the idea of having a plant in the area mostly because of the water and air pollution factors. The residents also think it will be unfair to farmers and that it hold a financial risk. Costco CEO has responded by stating that are an eco-friendly company and that the plant will provide about a 1,000 new jobs.

Omaha Home for Boys Baseball Field To Be Renovated

The Omaha Home for Boys is getting their baseball field near 50th and Ames renovated. Omaha has demonstrated true commitment hosting the College World Series, and Lowe’s and the NCAA Team Works program has organized renovation as a sign of courtesy.

The goal of the project is to give the children a place to play and create memories they can carry for a lifetime.field

The project will renovate things essential to any baseball field, such as base paths and the infield, the dugout and the batting cage. There should be nothing hazardous for children and each of them should have spots where they can keep their helmets and bats. It will also create a feeling that the team has their own place. It will give the kids a sense of comfort that will help them be more confident and willing to show off their skills.

The field is also used by the Omaha Benson and Concordia Lutheran High School, so their teams will also be able to enjoy the renovation results.

The dedication ceremony is scheduled for June 16.